Our team are always on hand to offer support and advice when you need it. Whether you’re a customer in need of our emergency tyre rescue line or if you’re simply making an enquiry, below are all of the numbers that you will need.

General Contact Numbers

Vacu-Lug Main Office:
01476 593095

For Vacu-Lug Emergency Tyre Rescue (Breakdown Assistance):
0845 60 60 220

For the Vacu-Lug Fleet Management Team:
0845 0177 032

Department Contact Information

Vacu-Lug Main Office:
01476 593095 then select:

1 for the Sales Department
3 for Purchase Ledger
4 for Sales Ledger
5 for the Plant Engineering Department
6 for the Casing Department

For marketing enquiries please call the main office and dial extension number 266.

If you wish to make an email enquiry, please contact info@vaculug.com.