At Vaculug, we are proud to hold ISO14001:2015 status for our Environmental Management System and we have taken action to reduce our energy use by over 20%, whilst also recycling 100% of our non tyre-related waste.

All of our rubber waste is recycled and re-used in the production of sports surfaces and wherever we can we reduce, reuse and recycle our materials. As part of our energy use reduction programme, we have developed special thermal insulation systems for our tyre presses, which are now being used by many other manufacturers within the retreading industry. 

Through our environmental management system, we have committed to:

  • Minimise waste, make efficient use of energy and reduce emissions into the atmosphere
  • Consult with our employees on matters affecting the environment
  • Be a good neighbour and to hold regular review meetings with local authorities concerning our impact on the environment
  • Ensure all reject casings are disposed of via registered Tyre Disposal Agents and, wherever possible, we ensure that this waste is recycled
  • Develop procedural policies to encourage suppliers to address their own environmental issues
  • Address environmental issues relating to products that we distribute
  • Consider the impact on the environment in any capital purchase of equipment

To view our 2015 Energy Report, click here.

By working closely with Murfitts Industries, we ensure that our waste is put to good use. Murfitts Industries are the leading manufacturer of rubber granules worldwide and below are just some examples of where rubber waste is used:

Images supplied by Murfitts Industries

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