Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres has been awarded a major tyre fleet management contract by leading agricultural feedstuffs supplier, BOCM PAULS LTD.  Under the agreement, Vacu-Lug will take overall responsibility for the replacement, repair and management of all tyres fitted to the BOCM PAULS LTD fleet of trucks and trailers, which currently totals more than 230 items of equipment.  The contract term is three years and nationwide service-support will be delivered by Vacu-Lug’s service-partner, ATS Euromaster.

In order to maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness in operation, the contract stipulates that Vacu-Lug Duramold retread tyres will be used on all drive and trailer axles, with new Pirelli tyres fitted to steer axles.  Vacu-Lug’s unique VFM tyre management system will be used to monitor the performance of the entire tyre fleet, with ATS Euromaster providing support out in the field.

“Convenience, quality, reliability and performance are the key factors behind our decision to award this tyre management contract to Vacu-Lug,” says BOCM PAULS LTD Fleet and Procurement Manager, Andy Stanfield.  “As an 19-site operator which acquires vehicles on contract hire from a number of sources, it would be very easy to become burdened with a raft of tyre service-providers.  So another important aim for us was to find a supplier with the ability to act as a one-stop shop UK-wide.  Having carried out a comprehensive review of the market we decided the combination of Vacu-Lug as the contract holder and tyre supplier, with ATS Euromaster acting as their national service provider, would best meet our needs.”

For Vacu-Lug, Fleet Sales Director Dave Alsop says: “We are delighted to have been awarded this blue-chip contract.  The high performance and durability of the Duramold/Pirelli combination is ideal for on-off road operations such as that of BOCM PAULS LTD.  Working together with ATS Euromaster to provide a full suite of tyre management services we are now very much looking forward to delivering an all-encompassing tyre solution that will be truly second-to-none.”

BOCM PAULS produces high-quality cattle, pig and poultry compound feeds in its 11 mills as well as a range of blends, premixes co products and straights.  These are  distributed to farms up and down the country, with vehicles averaging approximately 90,000 kilometres a year.

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