After a quarter of a century working for Grantham retreading firm Vacu-Lug, Ian Williamson was last week presented with a long-term achievement award, honouring his service for the company.

Ian has become the 40th person to achieve 25 years’ of employment at Vacu-Lug, further tightening Vacu-Lug’s steady grip as a local employer known for offering a long-term commitment to their employees.

Credited for helping to ensure the smooth running of the Despatch department, in his role as a team leader, Ian first joined Vacu-Lug in 1989.

Originally, Ian began working in the Maintenance department and after three years, he moved to the mould shop where he worked for a further two years.

He then moved into the Buffing and Building department, where he stayed for about eight years before moving to Vacu-Lug’s then Alma Park Site to begin working in the Despatch department.

Vacu-Lug now operates out of one site – located on Gonerby Hill Foot – and it was on moving here in 2001 that Ian was made a team leader of the Despatch department.

In his role as a team leader, Ian ensures that all stock – comprising of over 150,000 tyres a year – is despatched to customers on time, and he helps to ensure the smooth running of the Despatch process.

In his spare time, Ian is both a fisherman and a motorcyclist. He is also a keen bird keeper and even rescued a budgie that made its way into the Vacu-Lug car park!

Managing Director of Vacu-Lug Tyres, Tim Hercock, said of Ian’s recent achievement:

“We are delighted to honour Ian’s long-term employment with Vacu-Lug and are thankful for Ian’s dedicated service throughout the years. Many congratulations on a great achievement.”

Ian’s award was presented to him by Vacu-Lug’s Chairman, Chris Langham.

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