Casing Management and Reporting

The majority of our contracts operate on an exchange basis whereby all casings removed are returned to us, irrespective of condition.

In most cases, an account is opened in the name of the end user so that the quality and quantity of the returned casings can be monitored and reported.

Problems at a specific location are easily identified and our operations team will work with your engineers to make effective cost-saving changes. There are no scrap charges for fixed rate or PPK contracts.

For our customers who do not operate within a Vacu-Lug contract, we are able to offer a purchase arrangement. This involves firstly a collection of the casings, which then undergo an assessment. We will purchase any accepted casings at an agreed value.

For a nominal fee, we will also dispose of your rejected casings in an environmentally-friendly manner.

At the end of each month, you will receive a full, detailed casing report including details of whether the casing was accepted, as well as the value to be paid or charged for scrap.

Casing collections are arranged through our call centre and the casings are collected by our dedicated distribution fleet. Collections can be via either a service provider or direct from the end user.

For each consignment of casings collected, the customer is required to complete a CI note, which details the customer name, location, the size of each casing, make and serial number. We will provide CI notes where requested.

Examples of Wear and Damage

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