Wyboston, Bedfordshire-based H.E. Payne Transport Limited and its customer, potato merchant Greenvale AP, have teamed up with Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres to trial a new generation of energy-efficient Duramold retread tyres.  Coloured green to reinforce their environmental credentials, the tyres are fitted to a truck and trailer in the Greenvale AP-liveried fleet operated by H. E. Payne Transport on the nationwide distribution of fresh potatoes.

The tyres have been manufactured using a specially-formulated compound which replaces the traditional carbon black with a mix of silicas, resulting in a low-rolling resistance product which provides operational and environmental benefits.  Independent trials conducted by TARCC (Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre, the UK-based research arm of the Malaysian Rubber Board) have proven the tyres to be more environmentally-efficient in a number of ways:

  • The silica-based compound is harder and tougher than a standard tyre, meaning there is less deformation in the crown area, which significantly improves the tyres’ rolling resistance by up to 30 percent.
  • The tread surface of the high-silica compound is harder and microscopically rougher than the carbon black-based compound and, as a result, increases surface grip.
  • Less movement in the tread means there is less heat build-up, thereby prolonging tyre life.
  • The harder compound theoretically improves the wear characteristics of the tyre over a period of time.
  • The silica-based compound shows a much improved snow and ice behaviour and better wet skid properties, with abrasion remaining constant.

A total of ten of the new tyres have been fitted to the H. E. Payne / Greenvale AP Euro 5 440hp 6×2 Volvo FH13 combination.

“Both ourselves and Greenvale AP are delighted with the green tyres and their performance,” comments H. E. Payne Transport Managing Director, Richard Payne.  “We anticipate the combination of low-rolling resistance and the proven longevity of the Duramold product will further help reduce operating costs while simultaneously spreading a highly visible environmental message.”

For Vacu-Lug, Fleet Sales Director Dave Alsop says: “H. E. Payne Transport awarded us the contract to manage its tyre fleet on a pence-per-kilometre basis, and as a part of our commitment to aim to reduce operating costs we have been trialing the green tyres.  The TARCC results have been extremely encouraging and we are now looking forward to confirming the day-to-day operational benefits this exciting new product delivers through this cooperation with H. E. Payne Transport.”

Vacu-Lug Duramold retread tyres

Vacu-Lug Duramold retread tyres are manufactured from premium first-life casings for exceptional quality, high performance, long life and safety.  As such, they are suitable for use in a variety of applications, including long-haul, distribution, construction and waste.  Duramold retreads are available as either drive or trailer tyres and in a full range of sizes from 16″ to 22.5″ rims.

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