At Vaculug, we offer a professional and permanent repair service, catering for all sizes of commercial vehicle tyres. We recognise that during the course of their life, tyres can become damaged and in most cases, so long as the tyre is promptly removed, it may be repaired safely and returned to service.

We use repair materials supplied by one of the world’s largest repair material producers assuring that we are always using the latest materials, construction and technology.

The materials that we use provide maximum reinforcement, allowing the tyre to be used again to its original high performance level.

Additionally, we are able to perform a tread profile restoration service for tyres which have been damaged through excessive braking conditions.

Subject to a careful specialist examination to decide whether a repair is possible, the Vaculug repair process is carried out to BS AU 159f. A rigorous five-point inspection system is always adhered to throughout this process:

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