Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres Limited has been awarded a major contract to supply all retread tyres for the Royal Mail Group Limited trailer fleet.  The contract, which runs for two years with an option to extend for a further two years, will see Vacu-Lug Duramold retreads fitted on a rolling basis as replacements for all worn or damaged 385/65 R22.5 tyres on the Royal Mail Group’s 22.5 inch trailer fleet.

Environment concerns were an important factor behind Royal Mail Group’s decision to opt for Vacu-Lug Duramold Tyres.  As an organisation committed to reducing its environmental impact, Royal Mail Group recognises the need to work with suppliers such as Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres Limited, which also regards the environment as a key consideration throughout the lifecycle of its product.

“From our point of view we are delighted to be associated with a premium name such as Royal Mail Group Limited,” comments Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres Limited Managing Director Tim Hercock.  “Minimising an operator’s impact upon the environment is a key driver for us today and we are naturally delighted this has been appreciated by Royal Mail Group Limited.

“In particular, retread tyres use less natural resources – a typical Vacu-Lug retread uses 68-litres less oil in raw materials than an equivalent new tyre, as well as reducing the demand for energy and other petrochemicals during the manufacturing process. Retread tyres also generate less waste product significantly reducing the amount of waste for disposal.  With a retread policy, transport operators can reduce their tyre waste by 50 percent.”

Vacu-Lug Duramold retread tyres

Vacu-Lug Duramold retread tyres are manufactured from premium first-life casings for exceptional quality, high performance, long life and safety.  As such, they are suitable for use in a variety of applications, including long-haul, distribution, construction and waste.  Duramold retreads are available as either drive or trailer tyres and in a full range of sizes from 16″ to 22.5″ rims.

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