Already offering a comprehensive range of light truck tyres, both self-produced and imported from Westlake and Yokohama, Vacu-Lug can also supply Westlake commercial van tyres throughout the UK.

Westlake’s commercial van tyres are available in a series of sizes to suit requirements and the products have a number of key features. The SC 328, for example, features four wide ribs to improve mileage and tread life, as well as zig-zag grooves to offer enhanced traction on wet surfaces.

In addition to this, Vacu-Lug distributes Westlake light truck tyres, including the WTX1 trailer axle tyre for Max Load application, the WSR+1 steer axle tyre and the WDR+1 drive axle tyre to suit rims of 17.5” and 19.5”.

In addition to supplying a range of Westlake light commercial vehicle tyres, Vacu-Lug’s has its own light truck tyre range.

Vacu-Lug’s Duramold light truck range offers five drive tyres, designed specifically to suit regional, multi-drop and stop-start urban operations, which require a dependable and excellent performance in all conditions.

The Duramold range includes the WZY tyre (available in four light truck sizes), the WDE tyre and the WZE2 tyre (both available in two sizes). Vacu-Lug’s Duramold WDE, WZE2 and WZY tyres are cost-effective all-rounders, designed for regional journeys requiring optimal performance.

For trailer use on urban arctic combinations or double-deck operations, there is the MTE2 tyre (available in 265/70R19.5).

Vacu-Lug is also the sole distributor of Yokohama truck tyres and, within their offering, there are both steer and trailer tyres available for light truck use. The RY023 steer axle tyre is designed for regional transport service and its wide 5-rib design delivers long mileage and shoulder wear resistance. The RY023T is also available for trailer axle use.

With the combination of both Westlake commercial van tyres and new and remould light truck tyres within its portfolio, Vacu-Lug ensures that fleets have flexibility when it comes to selecting the tyres most suitable for their operations. By combining its production expertise with products from leading brands Westlake and Yokohama, Vacu-Lug has the proficiency to offer durable and cost-effective products to its customers.

For more information on Vacu-Lug’s light truck tyre range, visit the website – – or for further information on any of the above products, contact the team today on 01476 593095 or

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