Grantham based tyre firm Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres is delighted to announce that from January 2015 it will begin distributing a new budget range of off-the-road (OTR) tyres.

The new range, named MTP, is produced by Magna Tyres Group, and will act as their official budget brand, affirming the message that it is possible to offer a quality product to customers on a lower budget.

As such, within the MTP range, customers can expect to find new OTR tyres being offered at very competitive prices.

The development of the MTP range further enhances Magna Tyres’ already impressive product range, which is mainly made up of pneumatic OTR tyres for all applications, including cranes and, added to this, also cushion solids.

Vacu-Lug is the UK sole supplier for Magna Tyres’ products and is excited to begin distributing their new range of tyres.

Vacu-Lug first joined forces with Magna Tyres in 2007 and since then the business relationship has flourished, with Vacu-Lug’s portfolio now hosting the entire Magna product range, solidifying the position of their industrial and earthmover tyres within the UK market.

With the creation of the MTP range, the aim is to satisfy customer demand for low cost, but quality, tyres for use in tough applications requiring articulated dump trucks (ADTs) and front end loaders.

The range will offer a variety of competitively priced OTR tyres for different sectors of the market.

Billy Dillon, Vacu-Lug’s UK Earthmover Tyres Sales Manager, is excited about what the new range has to offer:

“By Magna introducing their MTP budget range and again Vacu-Lug having sole UK distribution rights, it gives us the opportunity to deal with new accounts and customers and we are looking forward to tackling new business ventures at the budget end of the market.”

The MTP budget line offers a selection of tyres, in the most common tyre sizes (20.5R25, 23.5R25, 26.R25, 29.5R25 and 21.00R35).

The key features of the tyres are that they offer optimal durability, enhanced working comfort and excellent traction.

It looks like its set to be an exciting New Year for both Vacu-Lug and Magna Tyres Group and the new MTP range will be available from January 5th 2015.



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