Vaculug is proud to announce the appointment of Prem Devarajan as the new Chief Sustainability Officer for the company. Prem has been promoted internally from Zenises where he has been helping run the Operations of the Group for several years. Prior to Zenises Prem helped run Operations for one of India’s largest multinational groups.

Vaculug commented, “We are very lucky to get someone so skilled at navigating these choppy waters and leading the New Vaculug to a sustainable future for our business and the planet.  We see Prem as especially skilled in forming the internal and external links between sustainability and economic performance that we believe are crucially required to ensure that sustainability becomes part of the fabric of our business. It needs to become part of both the HOW and the WHY we do what we do.”

Mr Devarajan commented, “This is a proud moment for me to help Europe’s largest independent retreader improve its impact on the environment and create a more positive future for our children.  I intend to focus very much on drivers of corporate performance that can be bolstered by sustainability strategies. I see these as most importantly a focus on Innovation and Stakeholder Engagement. I also intend to deliver Vaculug’ s first sustainability report in 70 years whilst building a team focused purely on Sustainable Thinking.”

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