Abundance Africa

In 2022, Vaculug Ltd launched a further initiative to support our communities known as ‘Abundance Africa’. This initiative was created with the aim of extending support to poverty-stricken areas across Africa. Recognising the pressing needs in these regions, Vaculug committed to making a tangible impact through strategic and generous contributions.

Currently we are supporting two projects in Africa:


1 – Bicycle Ambulances

Every year with the help of TransAid we support many Bicycle Ambulances in Africa. They will form a lifeline for women and children needing to access health care in a context when transport is so often unavailable or unaffordable.


One of the standout efforts under the Abundance Africa initiative was the support provided to the Bomu Hospital in Mombasa. Bomu Hospital is renowned for its extensive healthcare services, not only within its facility but also through its outreach programs that serve the rural communities in Mombasa, Kilifi, and Kale counties. Understanding the critical role of sustainability in ensuring the longevity and efficacy of healthcare services, Vaculug worked with its Chief Sustainability Advisor to build a sustainability strategy and sustainability report for BOMU. The Sustainability strategy and report is a vital tool for Bomu Hospital as it lays out the framework for maintaining and enhancing their healthcare services, ensuring they can continue to deliver essential care to those in need. This report encompasses strategies for resource management, community health initiatives, and long-term plans for improving healthcare accessibility. Most importantly it also allows the hospital to ensure it can raise awareness and money with the international aid community.