Who We Are

Our Roots

Leaders in sustainable tyre solutions since 1950.

Established in 1950, Vaculug stands as Europe’s largest independent retreader producing high quality OTR and Truck retread tyres for fleets across the UK and Europe, whilst offering effective and practical fleet management solutions for customers. 

Our HQ is adjacent to our manufacturing facility on a 12-acre site in Grantham, Lincolnshire, with additional offices in London and Leicester.  

We continually demonstrate our commitment to creating a sustainable future by embracing environmentally friendly practices. Through innovation, technological advancement, and a profound sense of environmental responsibility, we have not only solidified our position as a key player but have also set new standards for sustainability in the tyre industry. 

Leaders in Sustainability 

Our journey to sustainability started in its infancy with the adoption of the retreading process itself. Instead of discarding old tyres, we began a process of retreading them to extend their lifespan and reduce the demand for raw materials whilst minimising the impact on the environment. 

Environmental Responsibility

As the tyre industry evolved and the number of new tyres in the market increased, we continued to demonstrate sustainable practices in retreading. We take a holistic approach to environmental responsibility by optimising energy consumption, recycling waste truck tyres and implementing energy saving initiatives across the organisation. 

Our Vision

We want to make the world more sustainable for future generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a responsible and prosperous business that creates shared value for our surrounding communities, near and far. We do so by respecting the planet, supporting our communities, innovating our offerings and services for our customers, and by fostering a family-like culture for our people. 

Together our vision and mission are driven by our fervent belief that our business serves to drive the important work we are doing with our charity, the Zenises foundation. By building a responsible and prosperous business, we are fuelling our efforts to make a positive impact for our surrounding communities, and for our planet.

Vaculug first began in 1950, just after WWII. Production began using the Vaculug process and after a short time, an increase in demand saw the closure of the site in Great Ponton and the opening of a larger plant in Gonerby, Grantham. The process incorporated various sectors of the industry – car, truck, tractor, and earthmover.

1960 stands as a pivotal moment for Vaculug. It was during this year that we achieved a groundbreaking feat that set us apart from the crowd. We introduced the revolutionary “V-Lug” technology – a tyre design that redefined performance, safety, sustainability and longevity into our DURAMOULD range of tyres. This innovative concept, meticulously crafted by our tyre experts, represented a quantum leap forward in tyre engineering.

The “V-Lug” technology was a game-changer. Its distinctive tread pattern, designed to optimize traction, stability, and durability, garnered immediate attention from industry experts and drivers alike. This pioneering advancement not only transformed the driving experience but also positioned Vaculug as a driving force of innovation and sustainability within the fleet management domain.

In the 1970s, Vaculug emerged as a beacon of innovation and a trailblazer in sustainable practices within the tyre industry. It was during seventies that we embarked on a journey to redefine our approach towards environmental responsibility.

In 1970, Vaculug took a momentous step by introducing a groundbreaking initiative that revolutionized tyre manufacturing – the implementation of recycled materials in our production processes. This visionary move not only showcased our commitment to sustainability but also marked a significant leap forward in reducing our ecological footprint.

By harnessing the power of recycled materials, we not only conserved precious natural resources but also paved the way for a more circular economy. Our approach resonated with a growing global awareness of environmental challenges, positioning Vaculug as an industry leader with an unwavering dedication to sustainable innovation.

This bold stride towards sustainability was not without its challenges, but our resolve remained steadfast. We invested in cutting-edge research and development to perfect our techniques, ensuring that the quality and performance of our tyres were never compromised. The result was a line of sustainable tyres that not only met but exceeded industry standards, setting a new benchmark for eco-friendly tyre manufacturing.

As we look back at the legacy of our efforts in the 1970s, we take immense pride in having championed sustainability long before it became a mainstream concern. The seeds planted then have grown into a thriving commitment that defines Vaculug’s ethos today – to create tyres that not only propel vehicles forward but also drive the wheels of progress towards a greener and more sustainable future.

The spirit of our 1970s innovation continues to inspire us as we navigate the challenges of the present and embrace the opportunities of tomorrow. At Vaculug, sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s an enduring commitment woven into the fabric of everything we do.

The eighties were a time when Vaculug was at the forefront of innovative leaps within the tyre industry. We unveiled a remarkable achievement that transformed the way tyres were inspected and ensured a new era of quality assurance.

In 1980, Vaculug achieved a pivotal breakthrough by introducing groundbreaking techniques for casing inspection and ultrasound scanning. This visionary move marked a paradigm shift in how tyre integrity was assessed, setting new standards for precision and reliability.

With unparalleled dedication to quality, Vaculug’s cutting-edge techniques in casing inspection provided a meticulous assessment of tyre casings’ structural integrity. Our advanced ultrasound scanning technology penetrated beneath the surface, revealing even the minutest imperfections that could potentially compromise tyre performance and safety.

This dual-pronged approach, comprising innovative casing inspection and ultrasound scanning, underscored our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of tyre excellence. 

The legacy of our breakthrough in casing inspection and ultrasound scanning resonates in every tyre we produce today, carrying forward the spirit of innovation that defined us in the 1980s. At Vaculug, precision is not just a practice; it’s a promise we uphold as we continue to shape the future of tyre manufacturing with unwavering commitment to quality and advancement.

Step into the transformative realm of the 1990s, a decade of strategic evolution for Vaculug. Vaculug was the first independent retreader in the world to build its proprietary comprehensive fleet management solution encompassing diverse tyre requirements. Vaculug took a momentous stride towards specialisation, shaping the trajectory of the industry.

In the dynamic landscape of the 1990s, Vaculug recognized the need for a holistic approach to fleet management. As businesses sought seamless solutions to their tyre demands, we answered the call by introducing the innovative Vaculug Management System (VMS). This visionary system redefined tyre fleet management, setting an unprecedented benchmark for efficiency and performance.

Launched with unwavering commitment, the Vaculug Management System (VMS) revolutionized the way tyres were managed across fleets. This cutting-edge solution fused technology and expertise, offering an integrated platform to monitor, analyse, and optimize tyre performance on a comprehensive scale. From tread depth analysis to predictive maintenance, VMS ensured that every tyre’s potential was maximised, enhancing safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

The introduction of VMS didn’t just mark a milestone; it forged a path of innovation and specialization that resonates to this day. By setting new standards in advanced tyre fleet management, Vaculug paved the way for businesses to operate with newfound precision, transparency, and confidence.

As we look back on the transformative impact of the 1990s, we take immense pride in our commitment to driving progress within the industry. VMS remains a testament to our dedication to providing solutions that go beyond expectations, embodying our ethos of innovation, sustainability, excellence, and forward-looking vision.

The legacy of Vaculug’s specialization journey in the 1990s continues to guide us as we navigate the ever-evolving demands of the modern era. At Vaculug, evolution isn’t just a phase; it’s an ongoing commitment to reshape the landscape of tyre fleet management and lead the way towards a future of unmatched efficiency and success.

Stepping into the new millennium, an era defined by unprecedented global awareness, Vaculug fostered a resolute dedication to safeguarding the environment for future generations. As the world grappled with pressing ecological concerns, Vaculug took bold strides towards sustainability, setting a pioneering example that continues to inspire to this day.

In the early 2000s, Vaculug embarked on a transformative journey towards sustainable management practices. Recognizing the profound impact of industrial processes on the environment, we adopted a comprehensive approach that prioritized both operational efficiency and environmental preservation.

Our commitment to sustainability was epitomised by a series of strategic initiatives aimed at minimizing our carbon footprint and conserving natural resources. Through diligent research and investment, we revamped our manufacturing processes, introducing eco-friendly technologies and materials that reduced waste and energy consumption.

Beyond our operational transformation, Vaculug’s commitment extended to the heart of our organisational culture. We instilled sustainability as a core value, fostering a mindset that permeated every facet of our endeavours. By empowering our workforce with environmentally conscious practices, we cultivated a harmonious synergy between responsible manufacturing and global well-being.

As a result of our steadfast efforts, Vaculug emerged as an industry leader in sustainable tyre manufacturing. Our innovations in eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient processes, and waste reduction not only spoke to our commitment but also set an inspiring precedent for our peers.

Looking back on the significant strides made in the 2000s, we take pride in our role as stewards of the environment. Our dedication to saving the environment for future generations remains steadfast, reflecting our unwavering belief that the path to progress must be paved with responsible choices and mindful actions.

The legacy of our sustainable management practices resonates in every tyre we produce today, a testament to our commitment to a greener, brighter tomorrow. At Vaculug, we understand that our responsibility extends beyond tyres – it encompasses a sustainable legacy that empowers us to drive change, inspire innovation, and safeguard the planet for generations to come.

In the 2010s our commitment to the environment extended far beyond our facilities. With a heart set on circularity, we birthed comprehensive tyre disposal and recycling programs. Our tyres embraced a new narrative, transitioning from road companions to contributors in a virtuous cycle, a cycle that safeguarded the environment and breathed fresh life into the concept of responsible consumption.

Amidst this transformational period, Vaculug’s endeavours were underscored by our collaboration with industry leaders, our advocacy for sustainable practices, and the ignition of awareness around the imperatives of our planet’s welfare.

As we read the pages of the 2010s, we look back on a legacy forged with dedication, innovation, and a resolute commitment to leaving an indelible imprint on the world. The echoes of our eco-friendly revolution reverberate in every tyre we produce, standing as a testament to our British ethos of responsibility, sustainability, and pioneering corporate excellence.

Embark upon the chronicles of the 2020s, where Vaculug’s legacy took a resolute turn towards unprecedented growth and transformation. Emerging stronger and more agile than ever before, this decade marks an epoch of strategic investment, intricate process enhancement, and a bolstered new focus on our corporate culture – a testament to our quintessentially British ethos of resilience and evolution.

In 2018, Vaculug found itself under the umbrella of a new stewardship, a transition that infused fresh vigour and vision into our journey. This pivotal acquisition served as a catalyst for a renewed commitment to excellence and innovation. At the core of this transformation was a resounding investment – an investment that went beyond financial realms, encompassing the very heart of our operation: our people.

As the new decade unfurled, Vaculug committed to nurturing its human capital, realising that the prowess of its workforce is its greatest asset. We invested in comprehensive training and development programs including the building of Vaculug University, enabling our teams to embrace the evolving demands of the tyre industry with unparalleled expertise and zeal.

Simultaneously, our gaze fell upon refining processes, a commitment that echoes our British penchant for precision. Every facet of our operation was meticulously scrutinized and revamped. The outcome? A seamless orchestration of efficiency and innovation, a symphony of refined processes that resonated through our every endeavour.

But transformation isn’t just about mechanics; it’s about leadership. Our management team, fortified by the acquisition, underwent a strategic restructuring, emerging as a force that steers Vaculug’s ship towards uncharted waters with a resolute, steady hand. The fusion of experience, vision, and strategic acumen set the stage for an era of groundbreaking accomplishments.

As we stride through the 2020s, the echoes of our investments, enhancements, and strategic fortitude reverberate in every tyre we craft, every partnership we forge, and every challenge we surmount. At Vaculug, this decade stands as a testimony to our quintessentially British resilience, an era defined by transformative investment, redefined processes, and a united management force, navigating us towards a future of innovation and excellence.

Venture into the promising realm of the 2030s, where Vaculug unveils its resolute commitment to a future defined by sustainability and innovation. This era marks a monumental shift, as we set our sights on an ambitious goal – achieving Net Zero by 2030. Rooted in our quintessentially British spirit, this pursuit exemplifies our unwavering dedication to progress and responsible corporate leadership.

With the visionary backdrop of this decade, Vaculug embarks on a transformative journey towards Net Zero emissions. Our aim is to not only meet, but to exceed expectations in environmental stewardship, setting a new benchmark for corporate sustainability. This ambitious pledge reflects our belief in the power of collective action, underscoring our role as custodians of the environment for generations to come.

In tandem with our environmental commitment, Vaculug embraces globally recognized standards, particularly the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). This strategic alignment reflects our dedication to setting emission reduction targets grounded in scientific principles, a pledge that resonates deeply with our British tradition of methodical excellence.

But our voyage doesn’t stop at traditional avenues. The 2030s herald a new frontier in financing, as we explore sustainability linked financing – a testament to our innovative spirit. This venture allows us to seamlessly intertwine financial growth with environmental responsibility, creating a virtuous cycle that echoes the very heart of British corporate values.

Beyond conventional norms, Vaculug is poised to embrace the future of currency – the acceptance of cryptocurrency. This ground-breaking leap showcases our agility and willingness to embrace new horizons, positioning us at the forefront of progressive business practices while preserving our traditional British values.

As we journey through the 2030s, the echoes of our resolute commitment to Net Zero, alignment with SBTi, and embracement of innovative financial solutions reverberate in every facet of our operation. At Vaculug, the 2030s stand as a testament to our quintessentially British ethos – a legacy of sustainability, innovation, and steadfast determination to lead the way towards a future that marries prosperity with responsibility.