Britain has an entitlement problem. You want to be sustainable – then get rid of this entitlement mentality!

Here we go again, people – our political circus is descending into a never-ending cycle of squabbles, cries for more, and finger-pointing. I mean, seriously, just take a look at the headlines. The Treasury is getting flak for not splurging on fixing deadly concrete in schools fast enough, and now they’re on the hook for asbestos removal too. The NHS? Well, it’s barely holding itself together, and what’s the excuse? Yep, you guessed it – they say it’s all about the moolah.

Money, money, money – that’s the name of the game. Ben Wallace, our ex-defence secretary, is giving the Ministry of Defence a piece of his mind, demanding a budget that can match our half-hearted engagement in some useless European war. Farmers Weekly is all jittery about whether our ministers will keep their word on doling out cash now that we’ve waved goodbye to the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. And those poor chaps in Outer London are up in arms about the steep new charges from the Muppet Mayor’s Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the endless chatter about “mental health.” It’s like the red-headed stepchild of medicine, with barely any success stories to show for it. When the NHS can’t quite afford those fancy new drugs or treatments, our media trots out that old chestnut – “one life lost is a life too many.” And let’s not forget the HS2 debate.  How much is it going to cost today?  Another few billion more than yesterday? And in the background, sneaky little taxes keep on creeping up – the Institute for Fiscal Studies says it’s the highest since the 1940s, gobbling up 37 percent of our national income.

I’ve never seen our country look more like a mental health patient suffering from what I call “FPAS” – Frenzied Problem-Avoidance Syndrome. And guess what? There’s no silver lining in sight. Our economy’s barely crawling, and we’re splintering apart at the seams. We even have a special place in our hearts for despising our biggest money-makers, those “Big Bad Bankers in the City”. Hell, we’re not even too fond of our own capital, London, which is the economic powerhouse of the country. And let’s not forget the older generation, gracefully bowing out of the workforce and siphoning off those triple-locked pensions while the younger generation toils away. The gap between what we think we deserve and what our governments can actually deliver is growing wider by the day. Brace yourselves, people, because it’s either going to be mounting debt or growing public discontent – maybe even both.

It’s a sad truth that it usually takes a war or an all-out economic meltdown to make people rethink what they’re entitled to. If we want to continue sustaining this country we need to get rid of this lowest common denominator mentality. Let’s celebrate successful people instead of bringing them down. We need to remove this sense of entitlement with a side of winging that is so prevalent in this country. We cannot afford to waste our time on these entitlement issues. We don’t have the money to sustain this anymore!  We need growth in the country and to achieve it we all need to roll our sleeves up, get to work ( in the office! ) and make this Britain Great again.