Oxford Outreach

Empowering Minds, Enriching Futures: Vaculug’s Collaboration with the University of Oxford 

At Vaculug, we are dedicated to fostering education, culture, and innovation that transcends boundaries. Our collaboration with the prestigious University of Oxford and St Peter’s College exemplifies our commitment to shaping a future of excellence, creativity, and knowledge. Through a diverse range of initiatives, scholarships, and endowments, we are proud to be part of a transformational journey that empowers minds and enriches futures.

Nurturing Artistry: Choral and Creative Scholarships

Music and creativity are the heartbeats of culture, and at Vaculug, we recognize their profound impact. Our partnership with the University of Oxford includes the endowment of choral and creative scholarships that enable gifted students to explore their artistic passions while pursuing their academic endeavours. By providing opportunities for students to excel both academically and artistically, we contribute to a holistic and vibrant learning experience.

Investing in Brilliance: Scholarship Opportunities

We believe that talent knows no bounds, and our collaboration with St Peter’s College reflects this belief. The Vaculug Scholarship Program at St Peter’s College provides deserving students with the means to unlock their full potential. By removing financial barriers, we empower these scholars to immerse themselves fully in their studies, research, and personal growth.

Elevating Discourse: Endowed Professorship in Politics

As advocates for global progress, we understand the significance of informed political discourse. We are the only retreader in the world to have endowed a Chair at Oxford. Our endowment of a professorship in politics at the University of Oxford signifies our dedication to elevating intellectual conversations that shape policies and ideologies. Through this initiative, we provide a platform for distinguished scholars to engage, inspire, and lead discussions that drive positive change on a global scale.

The current recipient of the Endowment is Professor Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, a specialist in developmental politics. Ricardo Soares de Oliveira is Professor of the International Politics of Africa at the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford and Fellow at St. Peter’s College.

Professor Soares de Oliveira has conducted extensive fieldwork with a focus on the international political economy of African states, especially in regard to the extractive industries, the financial sector, conflict and post-conflict reconstruction, and African-Asian relations. Soares de Oliveira has worked in the field of governance and the extractive industries for organizations such as the World Bank, the European Commission, Catholic Relief Services, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and Oxfam. He is currently writing a book titled Africa and the Offshore World. We are proud to support Professor Soares de Oliveira on the great work he is conducting at St. Peter’s College.

A Legacy of Learning: Helping Modernise the University Library

Libraries are the gateways to the world of ideas, and we are excited to provide a space where curiosity can flourish and exploration knows no limits. Our support of the modernisation of the Library at Oxford will offer students, researchers, and academics a haven of resources, a sanctuary of inspiration, and a hub for collaborative thinking.  WE hope that it will be a place where groundbreaking discoveries are nurtured and where ideas take flight.

A Vision for a Brighter Future

Our collaboration with the University of Oxford and St Peter’s College is fuelled by a shared vision of a brighter, more interconnected world. Through our collective efforts, we strive to foster a culture of innovation, curiosity, and compassion. By nurturing young minds, supporting artistic expression, and facilitating groundbreaking research, we believe that we are sowing the seeds of progress that will flourish for generations to come.