Fleet Management


Fleet Management

Tyre Fleet Management: Paving the Way for Sustainable, Technologically Advanced, and Cost-Effective Solutions

At Vaculug, we are committed to delivering premium tyre management services that align with your sustainability goals whilst offering a combination of technology-driven efficiency and substantial cost savings. 

Embracing Technology: Driving Efficiency and Performance 

VMS App: Our advanced Vaculug Management System is an essential tool for tyre monitoring and compliance. The app gives the customer complete visibility on the work carried out on their tyres by producing real-time data.

VPMS: Our cutting-edge tyre pressure  monitoring system allows for real-time monitoring of tyre performance, temperature, and pressure. This data is key to reducing fuel consumption, increasing safety and minimising downtime. 

V-Heel Loss: Our software can detect when wheel nuts are loosening and can inform the driver in the cab whilst simultaneously sending data remotely to fleet managers.

Route Optimisation: We plan all our delivery routes to reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and operating costs. 

Cost Reduction: Maximising Value for Your Fleet

Tyre Retreading vs. Replacement New Tyre: Opting for retreads significantly reduces tyre costs without compromising on performance, leading to substantial cost savings for your fleet.

Extended Tyre Lifespan: The retreading process extends the life of your tyres, giving you more miles per tyre and reducing tyre purchases.

Specialist Operations Team: Our experienced operations team works closely with you to tailor solutions that suit your requirements, optimising cost, and maximising value.

Managing Casings: Essential for Producing Quality Retreads

In-depth Casing Inspection: Our Initial Inspection team conducts a comprehensive casing inspection to determine whether the casing is suitable for retreading. 

Quality Retreading: Only casings that meet our stringent quality specifications are selected for retreading, this ensures exceptional performance and safety for your fleet.

Largest Dedicated Operations Team: Your Trusted Partners

Expert Guidance: Our Operations Managers are experienced professional with deep industry knowledge, the team carry out regular fleet inspections to ensure you are getting maximum performance from your tyres. 

Proactive Support: We take a hands-on approach in ensuring your fleet experiences minimal downtime and optimal tyre performance. 

Tailored Solutions: Our team develop bespoke solutions that align with your goals, budget, and sustainability targets.

Vaculug Independent Partners

Vaculug Independent Partners

We take pride in our l network of Vaculug Independent Partners (VIP), specifically chosen for their commitment to delivering exceptional service. Our VIPs have earned their VIP status as trusted partners, consistently exceeding expectation and proving to be invaluable assets to the Vaculug family. 

Unparalleled Expertise and Efficiency

Each of our partners is a specialist in their field with service times of 60-90mins. We do our utmost to minimise downtime, we understand that time is money. 


Our partners are known for their reliability, ensuring that you receive the service you signed up for! 


Our service providers are regularly audited by our Operations Team to ensure they are compliant and maintaining high service standards.

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Tyre Awareness

We want to raise awareness of the importance of regular tyre checks and what to look out for when it comes to tyre wear and damage.

We regularly hold Road Safety and Tyre Awareness workshops in conjunction with the Met Police to educate our customer’s fleets on tyre safety.

We designed a tread depth checker to act as a guide for drivers and operators when checking their tyres. You can scan the QR code on the back of the tread depth checker which will take you to our Daily Tyre Inspection Sheet. This sheets acts as a guide with what to do when you come across wear and damage on tyres.

Did you know you can purchase a tread depth gauge from our sister company Grumac.Tec?

This is non-calibrated for visual guidance only

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