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Magna MA02+

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Magna MA02+


Wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks and dozers are used for transporting large quantities of bulk or aggregate material, in extreme conditions from soft, muddy and rocky terrains. Our Magna MA02+ tyre is customised for these specific demands and has been in our product range since August 2018. The multiple groove edges of the E3+/L3+ tread pattern provide excellent traction and stability on all surfaces and in all terrain conditions. It is also provided with a self-cleaning tread design. The all steel radial construction of the Magna MA02+ tyre provides optimised load performance and operator comfort. Furthermore, the radial high-tech casing reduces heat build-up inside the tyre. This tyre is also made with a special compound and reinforced sidewall to ensure excellent protection against cutting, puncture and wear abrasion.

  • Provided with a self-cleaning tread design
  • Excellent protection against cuts, punctures and wear
  • Multiple groove edges for traction and stability
All position

Available in:

SizeSvc Desc:Tread Depth:Fuel Efficiency:Wet Grip:
23.5R25** RADIAL48
750/65R25** RADIAL48
875/65R29** RADIAL48

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