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Magna MB800

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Magna MB800


The Magna MB800 is a pneumatic tyre for forklifts and other industrial material handling purposes. The special compound provides wear- and puncture-resistance, giving the tyre a long service life. This tyre is designed with a self-cleaning and non-directional tread pattern. The low rolling resistance of the Magna MB800 tyre cuts back fuel consumption. This pattern is designed for a pneumatic tyre ride while delivering the benefits of a solid tyre. We featured our tyre with heat-resistance, optimised load performance and characteristics for a comfortable ride.

  • Special compound for wear- and puncture-resistance
  • Provided with self-cleaning properties
  • Low rolling resistance for low fuel consumption
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Available in:

SizeSvc Desc:Tread Depth:Fuel Efficiency:Wet Grip:
1000-2020 PLY26
1200-2024 PLY26

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