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Magna MA600 SOLID

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Magna MA600 SOLID


MA04+ – The Magna MA04+ tyre is the perfect fit for transporting extra-heavy loads in adverse conditions. This tyre provides exceptional traction while maintaining optimal flotation characteristics. The special E4-tread design with a deep tread depth and a wide, flat tread radius offers a large loading capacity. The aggressive lug design with large blocks at the tread centre provides excellent traction and braking on rough surfaces. The Magna MA04+ tyre is also equipped with long tread life, optimised load performance and pleasing operator comfort. The high-tech casing reduces heat build-up inside the tyre and is provided with an all steel radial construction. Our Magna MA04+ tyre is available since October 2017.

  • Exceptional traction and flotation characteristics
  • Large loading capacity due to a wide, flat tread radius
  • Excellent braking on rough surfaces
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