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Magna MR800+

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Magna MR800+


The Magna MR800+ tyre is designed to deliver optimum performance and traction in industrial lug and port applications. This improved traction and performance comes from the tyres extra deep non-directional tread design. We also designed our tyre with improved technology and a high-tech casing, providing reduced heat generation inside the tyre. We engineered our Magna MR800+ tyre with a special tread compound to run cool, fight rapid wear and deliver remarkable stability. The reinforced sidewall offers outstanding stability and helps to protect equipment, payload and driver comfort. The driver comfort is also enhanced by the tyre construction, next to the optimised load performance.

  • Delivers remarkable stability and traction
  • Engineered with a special tread compound
  • Runs cool and fights rapid wea
All position

Available in:

SizeSvc Desc:Tread Depth:Fuel Efficiency:Wet Grip:
1200R20**IND RADIAL71
1200R24*** IND RADIAL71
1600R25***IND RADIAL71

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