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Kinetik KT01

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Kinetik KT01



  • Exclusive tread design and specially formulated high resilience tread compound offers outstanding fuel efficiency
  • Lower coefficient of rolling resistance than the requirements for a new “A” rated tyre
  • The unique tread design and profile promotes longevity with the wear rate decreasing as the tread depth reduces.
  • Choosing our A-rated KT01 tyre over a standard tyre can significantly reduce* a fleet’s carbon emissions by 1200 tonnes and lower fuel costs by £475,000 per annum.

The Kinetik KT01 was developed over a period of three years. This included a programme of extensive evaluation and selection of new tyres and their casings when worn, and compound development in partnership with a global supplier and leader in the field of advanced polymer compounding.

The design brief was twofold, firstly to achieve a coefficient of rolling resistance to at least below the 4 required for a new tyre to be graded as A, and secondly to have a level of km performance on par with the premium trailer products available in the market.

We want to ensure that all our friends know that Retreaded Tyres DO NOT require labels.  In fact, in true Vaculug fashion we have gone over and above the requirements to test retreads to the same level as new tyres and ensure that our retread can pass the same testing as a new tyre to get an A label!
The Vaculug 385/65R22.5 Kinetik KT01 is a retreaded tyre that has been independently tested by IDIADA to the same UN Regulation No. 117R02/12 used to grade new tyres.
The test measured the rolling resistance coefficient to be less than the 4 N/Kn required for a new tyre to achieve a label classification of A.

The tread design is inspired by the Vaculug Logistik LT01. This ensures low heat build-up and resistance to damage from lateral side forces.

In the past, low rolling resistance tyres were believed to be compromised with a lower life than a regular product. I am proud to say the KT01 archives the balance of low rolling resistance and long reliable life expectancy.


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